Filippo Grassia

Associate Professor

Responsable of Master Embeded System


He achieved his PhD in electronics and his post-doctoral contract in the bioelectronics team at the IMS-CNRS in Bordeaux, where he is involved in the European FACETS and Brainbow projects, multidisciplinary research projects on artificial intelligence at the interface between physics, electronics and biology.

In September 2014, Filippo Grassia is appointed lecturer at the UPJV and joins the INSSET of Saint-Quentin where he joins the Laboratory of Innovative Technologies. He holds a PhD in electronics and his research work is in the field of neuromorphic systems engineering. It consists in designing mixed hardware and software artificial intelligence platforms, dedicated to the simulation of impulse neuron networks inspired by the living to integrate them into an organism for therapeutic purposes.

Research Domain

His latest work provides conceptual proof of a new generation of neuroprostheses, which aim to restore lost functions at the level of the central nervous system by organizing a natural fusion between the artificial device and its natural equivalent.

PhD. Students

Nature publication

He participate in studies that were recently published in the journals Nature Scientific Reports and Science on “Toward neuroprosthetic real-time communication from in silico to biological neuronal network via patterned optogenetic stimulation”