Mélanie Fontaine


I'm Mélanie Fontaine and I'm graduated with a master's degree Numeric Industry at INSSET since 2020. I'm currently doing my second year of PhD research at the University of Picardie Jules Verne.

Passionate about robotics and the medical world, my thesis through the AiBle project combines these two passions. More information are provided on the project presentation.

Research Interest : Robotics, Cloud Computing, ROS (Robot Operating System) , Security, Medical rules

Contact : melanie.fontaine@crispi-upjv.fr


"Cloud Architecture of AI based exoskeleton system"

Cloud Architecture of AI based exoskeleton system is an important point of the project. Define the Cloud Architecture with all subsystems allows us to prepare the Cloud with API, databases and AI. Several steps are necessary to define the Cloud Architecture. Cloud requirements and specifications for each Aible subsystems on backend and for the entire Aible system have to be defined. Once the requirements and specifications are defined, API/Web services, databases are defined (Which type, rules, security, authentication ..) , the Cloud infrastruture is designed. Then the Cloud deployment will be designed by an explanation about the API/Web Service deployment, database deployment and the way all subsystems communicate with other one.

Supervisor: Emmanuel Bellenger (Prof.), Marianne Huchard (Prof.), Huaxi (Yulin) ZHANG(Assoc. Prof.)


Advices and support for Master in Robotics at the University Of Picardie Jules Verne

  • Give advices and support to the master students about their robotics projects

  • Explanation about ROS and his importance

  • Exchanges about improvement, possibilities, feasabilities of theirs projects

  • Following their projects progress

  • Dobot Practical work

  • Artificial Intelligence with Matlab

  • Firebase

Involved Project

An Upper-limb rehabilitation exoskeleton robot based on AI and Cloud Computing

Sumary : Project AiBle aims to develop a new generation of exoskeleton robot that will benefit stroke patients by providing advanced functionality that will enable remote rehabilitation. AiBle is a 3-year UK/France cross-border EU Interreg project (June 2020- June 2023) and is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

My first project during my master's degree

During the first year of my master's degree, our main project was to build a robot prototype. Whith my team, we called our robot SAMED. This name was a combination of our names.

SAMED is a robot for hospital. Our objective was to help nurses, doctors, by brigning medications or materials. So we have to product a prototype of this robot. With my team, we ordered the material according to a defined budget and we built our robot step by step. Some part of our robot was 3D print. After mechanical design, electrical design and assembly, we made our first Arduino Program with ROS node. The first objective was to move the robot by using teleop command.

The second objective was to use SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping). This step wasn't easy at our level at this moment. We made it, we suceeded to do a mapping of a room. We were also able to guide our robot remotely!

Acquired skills :

-Mechanical design (Solidworks and Assembly)
-Electrical design
-Arduino (Python)
-ROS (Robot Operating system)
-RealSense D435

Here is a video of the first version of our robot then a photo representing the final version. The last image is from a video where I am using teleop to do the room mapping.


  • March, 24th, 2022 : InnovaTech Challenge 2022 - Nogent-sur-Oise (France)

  • June 15th, 2021 : Digital Ethics: Can we do better? – Workshop - Students' Poster Competition (Online)

I did a five minutes presentation during this Workshop. My poster title was " For the rehabilitation with a Upper Limb exoskeleton, who decides for exercises ? Patient, Physiotherapist or exoskeleton?". I finished third to this poster competition. You can find my poster here.

  • February 18th, 2021 : JAO (Journée d'Aide d'Orientation) UPJV - Saint-Quentin (France)

  • November 18th & 19th, 2020 : JAO ( Journée d'Aide d'Orientation) UPJV - Saint-Quentin (France)

  • December 18th,2019 to December 21st, 2019 : iREX International Robot Exhibition - Tōkyō (Japon)

  • November 14th, 2019 : Robomeetings- Smart industry - Saint-Quentin (France)

  • June 7th, 2019 : 70 ans Electro Industrie - Present a robotic project including a collaborative robot - Saint-Dizier (France)